A Living Case Study

Are some causes more worthy than others? By whose measure?

“The Living Case Study gives families a unique opportunity to introduce objectivity to their own family situation.”
- Kathryn McCarthy, Independent Advisor


Driven by youthful enthusiasm and confidence, a well educated third generation grandson attempts to become more active in a long lived family foundation. While inspired by good intentions and meaningful expertise, the effort causes old and new ideas on governance and grant making to clash. The story explores the challenges of appropriately incorporating younger family members into the decision-making process in family philanthropy and mission.

The family foundation also serves as a metaphor representing the need to adapt and change generally, and more specifically, to address the age-old question of the ‘best’ use of ‘family’ money – and who makes the decisions.

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Learn through experience: our Living Case Study pulls you inside a family wrestling with fateful decisions about wealth and purpose.

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