A Living Case Study

What’s the next chapter? Who decides?

“The Living Case Study gives families a unique opportunity to introduce objectivity to their own family situation.”
- Kathryn McCarthy, Independent Advisor


The patriarch of a three generation family has just sold the family business. The family meets to wrestle with the fair vs. equal inheritance dilemma while it explores building a legacy through gifting and a family foundation. How do family members communicate values and plan their futures in an atmosphere clouded by lack of communication and by competing purposes and needs?

Supporting the learning is a narrative model, the idea that the stories we tell ourselves are fateful. Our money story—each person’s unique blend of meanings, emotions and purpose—guides our decisions and relationships. The self-awareness to step out of our stories and consider the world through another’s lens builds common ground, collaborative decisions and family resilience.

With The Big Payday’s richness and complexity, our facilitation is customized to explore the themes and learning goals most relevant for your group.

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Learn through experience: our Living Case Study pulls you inside a family wrestling with fateful decisions about wealth and purpose.

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